A method to resolve issues and conflicts between two or more parties without relying on further litigation is often referred to as mediation. By not relying on litigation and attempting to settle a dispute through mediation with the assistance of an experienced mediator, both parties will have a greater input into the possible settlements of the disputes.

Deborah S. Perry is an Attorney and Mediator with over twenty years’ experience in the various areas of the legal industry as a lawyer and mediator. The Law Offices of Deborah S. Perry, PLLC has extensive experience in various forms of law such as family, personal injury, wrongful death, civil fraud, business development, contract, real estate, probate, and criminal. Representatives of the firm have been involved in hundreds of mediations as a mediator and as a legal representative of a party involved in the mediation. The firm has mediated to successful completion multi-million-dollar cases involving litigation, including but not limited to, family law, personal injury, real estate, wrongful death, litigation, and probate.

The Texas Courts in most cases is requiring that the parties are requires to mediate their differences prior to setting the case for final trial. Due to this request, it is imperative that the selected mediator is knowledgeable in the area of law that is in dispute. As shown above, the Mediators at the Law Offices of Deborah S. Perry, PLLC have extensive experience in the various areas of the legal industries.